What is the Truth?

Juice bars and smoothie products are growing in popularity. Major restaurant chains such as McDonald’s and Tim Hortons have now added smoothies to their menus. Many smoothie franchises have been created to provide a healthy and tasty option to those on the go. Smoothies are a much healthier choice than high calorie, sugary and fatty meals. Society in general is becoming more aware of what’s in the food they are eating, including how it’s grown, how it’s processed and the effects that certain hormones and added salt, sugar and preservatives can have. The word “SMOOTHIE” is now recognized by most of the world as a healthy alternative and a great way to compliment other prepared foods.

But, the truth is, not all smoothies are healthy! Many major and small companies provide “smoothies” just because they know that the word is associated with health, will draw more customers, give them a healthier image, and make them more money. Notice, we didn’t mention that their product would make you healthier and happier. If a company squirts its burgers out of a meat gun that contains a raw processed paste that NONE of us can really identify, do you really trust their claim that they have “Real Fruit” smoothies? The truth is their smoothies are not made with real fruit. This smoke and mirrors tactic defeats the entire purpose of having a healthy alternative available for you.

The truth is that 80% of “Real Fruit” smoothies, offered and sold on the market, are made with syrups, jams, flavouring, sweeteners, sorbets and ice. Why not just drink soda pop? It's probably a few cents cheaper. In the 6 years of Juice Monkeys' product development, we were also advised to use these same cheap ingredients. We are proud to say we didn’t use any of them and never will! The Juice Monkeys brand has been built on purity and high quality ingredients, all prepared by hand. To produce our high quality smoothies and to consistently provide our customers with the healthiest shakes on the planet, it takes more money, more time and, most of all, more love. We invite you to taste and feel the difference!

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