Our Story

In February 2009, it was a very chilly day in the Bay, and Juice Monkeys Founder Stephen Simons had just finished a work out. While waiting for his brother to finish his work out, he observed 3 children playing with the buttons on the vending machines in the lobby. They were trying with all there force to wiggle out a free can of pop. That’s when their mother shouted “COME HERE YOU LITTLE MONKEYS! COME GET SOME JUICE!” Stephen laughed, and jokingly said “looks like you got some little juice monkeys over there.” She laughed, & began to tell Steve, the obstacles she faces when trying to get her kids to choose a juice over a pop. At that very moment Stephen had an idea. On the way home, He asked his brother, “do you think Juice Monkeys would be a good name for a new brand of smoothies?” His brother Matt bellowed out a loud laugh and replied saying “Yes! that would be hilarious". But, like many ideas, it can be a far stretch to develop a dream into a reality from a single thought. Weeks went by without even the slightest thought about Juice Monkeys. Until one beautiful early sunny morning in March of 2009, Steve had just finished a brisk morning run, and decided to whip up one of his mouth watering smoothies. While drinking this incredibly nutritious smoothie, Stephen thought to himself “mmm this is so good! So many people don’t know what they’re missing. It would be awesome if everyone could have the option of having a fresh and nutritious shake on the go, anytime, anywhere. This world would sure be a lot healthier.” For months Stephen kept fumbling with the idea to create a brand of smoothies called Juice Monkeys. Steve envisioned the brand to be a 100% pure, natural and healthy. A brand that would make you smile, and a fun experience for anyone looking for a quick and delicious meal alternative. With so many untruthful smoothie products on the market, he couldn’t help but think, that consumers definitely needed to have a more truthful meal alternatives available. In 2010 Steve decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t an easy decision, and many sacrifices had to be made: including selling his favorite sports car, quitting his job, and cash out his savings, just to make a go at it. Close to a year of planning went by, and he opened his first Juice Monkeys retail location inside the City of Thunder Bay's, Canada Games Complex. The first 3 years proved to be very successful, with everyone loving the monkeys, and enjoying the delicious shakes! It was during the first 3 years, Stephen and his father dedicated their time to successfully branding, and developing the Juice Monkeys smoothie product line. In 2014, Stephen started to take the company in a different direction, with a vision to make Juice Monkeys available anywhere, and everywhere you go. We are proud to say, 6 more juice monkey locations have sprung up, and there are plenty of more coming soon!

We commit to all of our customers, that when we manufacture our smoothie products, we will never stray from the truth. We will continue to provide you with the freshest, and purest smoothies available on the market. We really appreciate all our loyal customers who have supported us over the years. Together we make good choices today, so that together we can live a healthier and happier life tomorrow. Thank you!

Juice Monkeys

Come Get Some Juice!